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Ancient Dim Mak Theories 

According to the ancient theories of acupuncture, the body has a circulating life force (chi or ki) that travels through invisible channels called meridians. According to this theory, all diseases are the result of disruptions in the flow of one's life force or chi. Acupuncture points are located on the meridians and represent areas where the flow of energy can be altered. There are multiple methods of manipulating the acupuncture points including finger pressure, burning herbs, and inserting needles. The acupuncturist inserts needles into different points depending on the illness or complaint. Dim mak evolved from this theory and different points are attacked to cause different effects. According to the ancient theory behind dim mak, attacking the points disrupts the flow of energy, which results in illness or death. 

There is no questioning the effectiveness of dim mak. Anyone who has ever been struck hard on a dim mak point or witnessed a pressure point knockout can attest to dim mak's effectiveness. However, there are many who question the ancient explanation of dim mak's effects. Although the previously mentioned theory has been in existence for centuries, modern medical science can provide a new scientific explanation for dim mak's effects. Almost all of the points are located in areas where the one can attack a vulnerable portion of a nerve. In fact, many of the points can be linked neurologically to the internal organs that they are believed to affect. Consequently, attacking the nervous system can disrupt many of the body's functions resulting in illness or death. This new medical explanation of dim mak can be found in Dr. Kelly's new book.

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