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"Dr. Kelly is one of the few martial artists who have proven their skill in actual combat. Having worked with him when he was a police officer, I had numerous opportunities to witness his martial arts skills. On one particular occasion, he single-handedly apprehended a violent suspect who held a black belt in karate. The suspect attempted to kick Dr. Kelly, but he was quickly taken down and handcuffed." -Sgt. Eric Schmidt, Police Officer

"This is not just a bunch of articles but a thoroughly researched and thought out scientific work. This book is an excellent companion to my encyclopedia of dim mak. I can thoroughly recommend this book to all martial artists as it will enhance your own knowledge and also give you ammunition for those who are non-believers." -Erle Montaigue, Master Degree China

"Hello Dr. Kelly, Thank you for writing your book!! With my limited knowledge (Bio major in college; unofficial pre-med) and lots of books, I had some idea of how meridians and the nervous system were connected. But you put it all together so its easily understood. Every martial artist should read this so they understand the dangers of striking pressure points." -Tom Gallo, Martial Artist

"Dear Dr. Kelly, I'm half way thru your book, and I love it! It's a combination of ancient science blended with modern medicine." -Paul H. Citrin, D.O.,F.A.C.O.P.

"Death Touch" is the most revolutionary book, and the only one I have seen, that reveals a total medical, anatomical, and physiological perspective on the ancient secrets of Dim-Mak. Dr. Kelly has provided a total explanation of an ancient Art shrouded in mystery. Highly recommended and a truly great contribution." -Dr Jonn Mumford D.O., D.C.

"Dr. Kelly analyzes the ancient art of dim mak and relates it brilliantly to modern medicine. A pleasure to read." -Peter O'Keefe, DO

"Dr. Kelly demystifies the ancient secrets of dim mak and pinpoints its essentials in a simple literary format that is easy to grasp." -Aziz Ahmad, MD

"Dr. Kelly masterfully blends the ancient martial arts with modern medicine." -Marc Allen, DO

"Dr. Kelly explores the relationship between modern medicine and the ancient art of dim mak in an intriguing manner. A fascinating book." -Wendy Horn, MD

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